On the official. Day of the Day of the Dead come to the library to ... Lynn Tarkowski [email protected] Tech Annex / Blue Island History Museum.
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2018 September / October | septiembre / octubre


Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Thursday, September 20, 7PM. Special performance by the Marimba Ensemble from Holy Cross IHM Church. The marimba is formed by young people who play catchy melodies and dance rhythms. Light refreshments will be served.

Celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Jueves, 20 de septiembre, 7PM. Actuación especial del conjunto de marimba de Holy Cross IHM Church. La marimba está formada por jóvenes que tocan melodías pegadizas y ritmos de baile. Se servirán refrescos. ¡No te lo pierdas!

SEPTEMBER is National Library Card Sign-Up Month Literary Scavenger Hunt

¡A Jugar Lotería!

Jueves, 4 de octubre, 11:30AM. ¡A celebrar el mes de la herencia hispana jugando lotería! Adultos son bienvenidos a jugar lotería mexicana y ganar premios. Opción: traer un bocadillo para compartir. No inscripción necesaria.


In September, come play our “Literary Works” contest and win prizes! One winner each week. Stop by the front desk for more details!


Created by Davidzydd -

Lynn Tarkowski | [email protected] | 708.388.1078 x30 U N L E S S   O T H E R W I S E   I N D I C AT E D , E V E N T S   TA K E   P L A C E   I N   T H E   L O W E R   L E V E L — M E E T I N G   R O O M .

@ The Library All the Time

Stitching Space!

Wednesday, October 3th, 5PM. Bring your own needlework, crochet, latch-hook, or sewing project, or you can try something we have available here.

Chicago’s Community Kitchens

Wednesday, September 12th, 12PM. Come learn about Chicago Community Kitchens, a FREE 14-week food service job training program for unemployed and underemployed adults in Cook County.


Wednesday, September 12th, 12PM. Discover if you have funds in Illinois unclaimed property! The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office will explain their ICASH program. EVENT CODES / CÓDIGOS DE EVENTOS:

Job Skills Workshop: Job Seeking

Wednesday, September 19th, 11AM. Learn about conducting a successful job search including the best websites and search tips.

‘A’=adult / adulto, ‘C’=children / niños, ‘G’ all ages / todas las edades, ‘YA’ young adult, teen / adultos jóvenes, adolescentes


Created by Davidzydd -

Lynn Tarkowski | [email protected] | 708.388.1078 x30 U N L E S S   O T H E R W I S E   I N D I C AT E D , E V E N T S   TA K E   P L A C E   I N   T H E   L O W E R   L E V E L — M E E T I N G   R O O M .

Crochet Fish Key-chain

Wednesday, September 19th, 5PM. Do you know basic crochet? Come make a little crochet fish! Registration required!

Maker: Color-Swatch Wind Chime Mobile

Thursday, September 20th, 11AM. Come make a color-swatch wind chime mobile. Registration required.

Download Free ebooks with Libby/ Media on Demand

Monday, September 24th, 7PM. Need help downloading e-books? We can help!

Craft Corner: Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Tuesday, September 25th, 7PM. Upcycle empty glass bottles and turn them into beautiful decorations by using yarn.

Kahoot! Banned Book Week Trivia

Wednesday, September 26th, 6PM. Test your Banned Book knowledge to win a McDonald’s gift card! (Internet accessible device required!)

Young Adults

Illinois at 200

Jello Art: Flowers

Friday, September 28th, 3PM. Come make flowers in clear gelatin (Jell-o). These desserts are beautiful and edible!.

CUB Workshop

Tuesday, October 9th, 7PM. Join CUB for a workshop about home energy efficiency and utility bill savings.

Family Car Decal Stickers: Skeleton Edition!

Tuesday, October 9th, 3PM. Make your own skeleton family car decal stickers with our vinyl cutter.

Understanding Medicare Workshop Wednesday, October 10th, 1PM. A representative from Humana will provide general information about Medicare, including eligibility and coverage.

Crochet Tiny Skeleton

Wednesday, October 17th, 5PM. Do you know some basic crochet? Learn how to make a tiny skeleton in time for Halloween! Registration required!

Art of Metal Detecting

Monday, October 22, 7PM. We’ll discuss finds, show equipment, identify where to hunt, and how to avoid hazards.

Craft Corner: Beaded Spiders

Tuesday, October 23rd, 7PM. Perfect for Halloween, create a spooky and spectacular French-beaded spider.

Seed Saving Workshop

Tuesday, October 30th, 7PM. Learn about threshing, winnowing and storing seeds from your garden in this hands-on workshop with Anna Stange. Created by Vilmosvarga -

Micah Rademacher | [email protected] | 708.388.1078 x31 U N L E S S   O T H E R W I S E   I N D I C AT E D , E V E N T S   TA K E   P L A C E   I N   T H E   L O W E R   L E V E L — M A K E R S PA C E .

@ The Library All the Time

Creative Nonsense

Every Monday, 6-8PM. Teen Open Studio. Be a part of our effort to produce a library “zine”, or work on your own stuff.

Movie and a Pizza Night

Last Thursday of every month (9/27,

Maker: Kites!

Thursday, September 6th, 4PM. All materials provided to make a great flying kite! Space limited to 10. Priority given to teens.


Thursday, September 13th, 4PM. Maker session with papier-mâché. Make a fish or something simpler. Space limited to 10. Priority given to teens.

Maker: Printmaking

Tuesday, October 16th, 7PM. Celebrate the bicentennial with William Pack. Learn, answer trivia questions and win prizes!

Tuesday, September 25th, 4PM. Learn printmaking skills in Lithography and

10/25), 6-8PM. Come eat some pizza and watch a movie.

Carving Club

First Monday of every month (10/1), 5PM. Test run at a group focused on carving. Use our tools or bring your own.

Wood Block printing. All materials provided. Space limited to 10.

Nature’s Confetti Bombs

Thursday, October 4th, 4PM. Party favor or prank, colorful confetti is the bomb! Come make some natural confetti out of colored leaves and a hole punch.

Maker: Candlemaking

Thursday, October 11th, 4PM. Candles have many uses and are easy to make. Space limited to 10. EVENT CODES / CÓDIGOS DE EVENTOS:

Bloody Mess Makeup

Thursday, October 18th, 5-6PM. Halloween isn’t officially here until we cover ourselves in fake blood and try to freak out our friends and family. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Space limited to 15. Priority given to teens.

‘A’=adult / adulto, ‘C’=children / niños, ‘G’ all ages / todas las edades, ‘YA’ young adult, teen / adultos jóvenes, adolescentes


Created by Starline -

Deborah Beasley | [email protected] | 708.388.1078 x22 U N L E S S   O T H E R W I S E   I N D I C AT E D , E V E N T S   TA K E   P L A C E   I N   T H E   L O W E R   L E V E L — M E E T I N G   R O O M .

@ The Library All the Time

4th through October 31, Kids can play board games, puzzles, coloring crafts, Legos and more!

Family Friendly Friday Movies Board Game Madness

Monday through Thursday, September

Learn Spanish or English with Doulingo

Wednesday, September 5th & October 10th, 6PM. Join us with Duolingo classroom to learn and compete with other kids. Prizes will be awarded monthly to top kids. Bring headphones and Duolingo compatible devices. Ages 7-14, and sign-up is required.

Dragon Egg Nightlight

Wednesday, September 19th, 6PM. This

All Ages

Fridays, September 14th through September 28th, 3PM. Movies are rated G or PG. Adults must be accompanied by a child.

dragon egg will light up the dark corner of your room and keep you safe. Ages 5 to 14, sign-up required with a limit of 10.

Lap-sit Storytime

Every Wednesday, September 10th through October 31st, 10AM. School District 130’s “Family First” and “Cradle to Classroom”, Miss Annie offers an hour of enriching songs, games and stories. For ages birth to 3.

Wednesday, October 24th, 5:30PM. “The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste”.

Blue Island Children’s Books Club

Kids are welcome to join and discuss these books! Copies of the book will be available at the circulation desk Wednesday, September 26th, 5:30PM. “From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” by E. L. Konigsburg.

Hotel Transylvania Blobby Slime

Wednesday, October 17th, 6PM. Recreate Blobby’s signature see-through sticky green body. Ages 5-14, sign-up required, limit of 8. Created by Kjpargeter -

Oscar Arellano| [email protected] | 708.388.1078 x30 U N L E S S   O T H E R W I S E   I N D I C AT E D , E V E N T S   TA K E   P L A C E   I N   T H E   L O W E R   L E V E L — M E E T I N G   R O O M .

@ The Library All the Time Design | Tips & Software Tutorials

APPOINTMENT ONLY. Ages 12+. Ever wanted to design a flyer, or a book cover, or poster? Well, this program’s focus is to expose you to some design principles and get you trained in design software.

Songwriters Circle: Weekly Meet-Up

Every Tuesday, 6PM. A weekly gathering for anyone interested in songwriting: get to know other songwriters, discuss a variety of topics related to songwriting, and get experience crafting and sharing songs.

Blizzard Hearthstone: Fireside Gathering

Saturday, September 15th, 9:30AM-4:30PM. Join the library, in the electronic card game eled cookie cutters to print!

Open Mic

Wednesday, October 10th, 6PM. All musicians and poets are welcome! Only family friendly material. Sign-up in the Tech Annex.

3D Print Halloween Cookie Cutter

Wednesday, October 24th, 3PM. Learn the basics of 3D Printing and choose from a selection of pre-mod-

Day of the Dead

Wednesday, October 24, 6PM. Our special guest Rita Arias Jirasek comes to the library to talk about the celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the United States. Hot chocolate and sweet bread for participants.


Friday, November 2, 3PM. On the official EVENT CODES / CÓDIGOS DE EVENTOS:

Hearthstone with a Fireside Gathering and join friendly competition!

Microsoft Word Clinic

Monday, September 10th, 6-7PM. Ages 12+. Microsoft Word got you frustrated? Come to our free clinic to get the support you need. Register online.

Day of the Day of the Dead come to the library to watch COCO the movie, see a Day of the Dead small alters of the community, and enjoy hot chocolate and sweet bread.

Did you know that the library has...

digitized Eisenhower high school yearbooks from 1950-1989.

‘A’=adult / adulto, ‘C’=children / niños, ‘G’ all ages / todas las edades, ‘YA’ young adult, teen / adultos jóvenes, adolescentes



En Español

9/15 FRI — 10/15 SUN Created by Freepik

Sonia Rodriguez | [email protected] | 708.388.1078 x18 U N L E S S   O T H E R W I S E   I N D I C AT E D , E V E N T S   TA K E   P L A C E   I N   T H E   L O W E R   L E V E L — M E E T I N G   R O O M .

@ La Biblioteca Todo el Tiempo

Club de Tejer

Los miércoles, Octubre 31 al 12 de Diciembre, 12PM. Únete al club de tejer para compartir puntos de tejido con otras tejedoras y hablar

Inscripción para Curso de Inglés Gratis, Nivel 1.

Septiembre 11 y 13 de Septiembre, 10AM. Principiantes interesados en aprender inglés deben de inscribirse en estas fechas para el curso de inglés que iniciará el 25 de Septiembre. No te lo pierdas!

Taller de Halloween

Jueves, Octubre 11, 7PM. Ven a crear arte para decorar tú casa para Halloween. Nosotros te daremos todo el

material y la experta en arte, Armida te guiará en tú creación. Adolescentes y adultos son bienvenidos a participar en este evento.

Día de los Muerto

Miercoles, Octubre 24, 6PM. Rita Arias Jirasek hablara sobre las tradiciones del Día de los Muertos en México y los Estados Unidos. Después haremos arte del Día del Muerto. ¡Habrá chocolate caliente y pan de muerto!

To Our Patrons:

Makerspace Hours: Monday : 6-8PM Tuesday - Friday : 3-5PM

Scheduled Closing:

September 3rd, Labor Day

Viernes, 2 de Noviembre 3PM. En el Día oficial del Día de los Muertos ven a ver la película de COCO. Habrá pequeños altares de la comunidad, chocolate caliente y pan dulce.

Jueves, 11 de octubre, 6PM. Aprenda sobre nuestros espacios y programas creativos en nuestra primera feria de arte. También estará Armida Olivares, ella te ayudará a crear arte a las 7PM.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support and patience as we continue to work to rebuild BIPL! Your support has been invaluable! Your continued patience is requested as we may need to close a day or two during construction, but will communicate if/when that has to happen. Again, your kindness is greatly appreciated! We will rebuild and be even better!

Social Media:

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Check out our new LittleBits classroom sets!

BIPL Makerfaire Thursday, October 11, 6PM. Learn about our creative spaces and programs at our first BIPL Makerfaire. Join artist, Armida Olivares for a special craft at 7PM.

de temas mientras tejemos en un ambiente agradable. También estará la instructora de tejer para principiantes que desean aprender a tejer. No inscripción necesaria.


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‘A’=adult / adulto, ‘C’=children / niños, ‘G’ all ages / todas las edades, ‘YA’ young adult, teen / adultos jóvenes, adolescentes