Fire Safety and P2S5 Divestment

7 dic. 2017 - ICL's Minerals Value Chains. Food Specialties. Advanced Additives. Industrial Products. Specialty Fertilizers. Phosphates. Potash & ...
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Fire Safety and P2S5 Divestment December 5, 2017

December 7, 2017

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ICL’s Minerals Value Chains Water conservation

Straights (MAP/MKP/Pekacid)


Liquid/Water Soluble Fertilizers


Compound NPKs

Food Additives

Green Phosphoric Acid

Polysulphate Magnesium

Potash Fertilizers

Downstream Business

Pure Phosphoric Acid

Upstream Business

Fire Safety



Oil Additives

Bromine Bromine

P4 derivatives

Intermediate Business Clear Brine Fluids Bromine Industrial Solutions

Potash & Magnesium

Industrial Phosphate Salts and Acids

Phosphates Essential Minerals

Specialty Fertilizers

Specialty Minerals Mercury Emission

Flame Retardants

Industrial Products

Advanced Additives Specialty Solutions

Food Specialties


Our Strategic Focus Optimize Commodity

Grow Specialty

Enhanced Focus of Specialty Agriculture Divest Low-Synergy Assets 4

Transaction Overview Divested Businesses

 Fire safety sub-business line  Oil additives (P2S5) sub-business line


 SK Capital

Sale Price

 ~$1 billion


Divested Businesses’ Financials ($M)

 Expected in the first half of 2018  Subject to the approvals by the competent authorities  2016 sales:


 2016 Operating profit:


 LTM Sep. 2017 sales:


 LTM Sep/ 2017 Operating profit:



History of Growth through Product Innovation, Service-Focus and Strategic Acquisitions 1940s: ZDDP developed as oil additive 1963: Phos-Chek® brand trademarked by Monsanto

2012: Introduction of Phos-Chek® MVP-F

2003: Introduction of Phos-Chek® LC95A

1979: Introduction of Phos-Chek® D75 and 259-F

2010: Introduction of Phos-Chek® LC95A-F

2016: Introduction of Phos-Chek® 259-Fx

1986: Introduction of Phos-Chek® Class A Foam 1997: Solutia spin-off from Monsanto 2000: Solutia and FMC form Astaris LLC

2013: Thermphos (Knapsack) P2S5 acquisition

2005: ICL acquires Astaris

2014: Auxquimia acquisition

2007: Fire-Trol acquisition

2008: Biogema acquisition

Long Standing Business Transformed from Commodity to Value / Service Model with High Degree of Innovation; Globalized via Strategic Acquisitions Acquisitions


Divestment is In Line With ICL Strategy Business Strategy

Focus on Backward Integration Synergies

Essential Minerals

Specialty Solutions

Operational Excellence

Commercial Excellence

 Geographic advantage of core production sites

 Competitive advantage from upstream operations

 Optimization of mineral assets

 Organic/inorganic growth

 Grow Specialty Fertilizers

 Value driven pricing, portfolio optimization

Sales ($M)*

Segment Operating Income ($M)**



















2016 Q3

2016 Q4

2017 Q3

2016 Q1

2016 Q2

2016 Q1

2016 Q2

2017 Q1

2017 Q2

Adjusted to Organizational Structure as of Q1 2017 * Sales to externals ** Excluding G&A, unallocated expenses and eliminations


34% 2016 Q3



2016 Q4

Essential Minerals







2017 Q1

2017 Q2

2017 Q3

Specialty Solutions


ICL’s Organization Structure: Enabling Strategic Growth

ICL Essential Minerals Division

Potash & Magnesium


Specialty Solutions Division

Industrial Products

Specialty Fertilizers

Advanced Additives

Food Specialties

Advanced Additives’ Sales Distribution 2016 12%



Ind. Specialities Fire Safety


39% 19%



$798M ANNUAL SALES* *Before elimination of inter-business lines’ sales


A Solid Base to Examine Business Development Opportunities Capital Allocation Strategy

Deliver Solid Shareholder Return

Drive Long Term Value Creation

Reduce Debt Level 9

Thank You