El Futuro

vosotros ______ ellos/ellas ______. ¡A practicar! 1. I'm going to write a letter_________________________________________. 2. He is going to play football ...
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El Futuro Inmediato

El futuro inmediato describe sucesos inmediatos. Para formarlo necesitas saber el verbo ‘ir’: yo tú él/ella nosotros vosotros ellos/ellas

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

vais voy vamos van vas



1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

¡A practicar!

I’m going to write a letter_________________________________________ He is going to play football _______________________________________ We are going to listen to music ___________________________________ Are you (sing.) going to watch television? _________________________ They are going to eat paella. ______________________________________

El Futuro Simple Para formar el futuro simple necesitas el infinitivo y las terminaciones correctas.

INFINITIVO + terminación yo tú él/ella nosotros vosotros ellos/ellas

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

á emos éis án é


¡A practicar! 1. I will talk to my sister. ___________________________________________ 2. He will study Spanish. __________________________________________ 3. We will go to Mexico. ___________________________________________ 4. Will you (sing.) live in England? __________________________________ 5. They will drink wine._____________________________________________ 6. I will probably stay at Arnold. ____________________________________ 7. I think I will look for a job as a nurse. _____________________________ 8. I will live in Blackpool forever.___________________________________ 9. Anis and Bliss will get married (casarse) in ten years. ____________________________________________________________________ 10. Fiona will perhaps live in Spain. (quizás = perhaps) _____________________________________________________________________

LOS VERBOS IRREGULARES tendrhacer saber saldr-

vendrdecir tener poder Inglés

to say to make/do to be able to to want to know to go out to have to come

querer salir venir dir-


Infinitivo decir

Futuro dir-

¡A practicar! 1. Tom A will want a lot of money because he will be a professional rugby player. _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Mark will know everything about Mathematics. _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Lauren will be able to have dinner with the other WAGS. _____________________________________________________________________ 4. They will come too. _____________________________________________________________________ 5. Jody and Alicia will go out for dinner. _____________________________________________________________________