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St. Francis Basketball Association Board Meeting Minutes Date Jan 12, 2014 6:00 Location HS Commns Attendees:


Mark Svihel


Mark Bothun

Lisa Kungel


Tracy Hewitt


Lynda Skogquist

Ryan Hauge

Nikki Schneeberger

Jeff Fink

Trevor Schneeberger

Others: Susan Ogbemudia, Matt Norton Agenda Items 1.


3. 4.


Girls Tournament a. Discussed the upcoming girls tournament. All agreed to have a custodian all day Saturday during the tournament. b. Concessions – Kristi will place the food order. c. Brackets – Mark S advised that the brackets are done. d. Trophies – Mark S confirmed trophies and shirts are ordered. e. Volunteer Schedule – Tracy and Lynda to complete this week. f. Trainers – Mark S confirmed trainers are scheduled. g. Printing – Tracy, Mark B and Mark S will print all items needed. h. Cold Stone? – Nicole is going to order smoothies instead of Cold Stone for this tournament. That allows us to have them at both schools. i. Set up – we have Friday night games at the MS so all that are available will be there to set up, then head to the HS because there’s a boys away game that night. Most will need to leave early to make it to the game. j. Clock Schedules – Trevor and Ryan will get book and clock schedules to their players. k. We will have a “coupon” sent to all rec coaches allowing rec players in for free to the girls tournament. Boys Tournament Wrap Up a. Lisa sent a quick financial update indicating we generated approximately $14,000 at the boys tournament. There were still some checks pending, but this is a ballpark estimate. Finance Update a. Lisa was not able to make it to this meeting. Other a. The group discussed moving the meeting night to Wednesday, as many are having difficulty making it to meetings due to conflicts. All in attendance voted yes. Tracy will reschedule meeting nights and send to all. Booster Update a. See meeting minutes attached below. b. Finance update: Notes from email from Tracy dated Jan. 11th, 2014. i. Lisa paid some bills for us last night (see below): $937.37 to Presto Graphics for the programs, $242.55 to ISD 15 for the bus to the gopher game, $350 to David Banks for the banners and posters,

$35.42 to Tracy to reimburse me for cups, plates, napkins for the girls parent night, $106.25 to Cedar Creek Bakery to give to Wendy to pay them for the boys parent night. As we sit right now, we should have right around $3,000 in our account. Outstanding would be the t-shirts that we agreed to pay for, for the boys and girls programs (agreeing to pay $750 towards the purchase of the shirts; which they are getting the long-sleeved ones, and paying the difference). We still have a number of home games for half-time games, so hopefully we'll make a few hundred dollars more to add to our account. The only other event (that I can think of right now) that we would have to pay for, would be Senior Night for the boys and girls. That will be a few hundred dollars. 6. Coaches for the Community a. All agreed to donate to Kesler Soucie’s fundraiser. Lisa to check to see if SFBA is able to make a donation directly to him or not. i. Update, we are not able to make a donation directly to him, per our CPA. 7. Saturday morning basketball a. The Varsity staff will run Saturday morning basketball for K-3rd graders the Jan 11, 18, 25, and Feb 8, 15 and 22nd. 8. Taste of Traveling – the group discussed hosting a 1-day tournament and calling it “taste of traveling” or something like that. All agreed it’s a great idea and will discuss further. Meeting Adjourned at: 7:30 Next meeting: TBD

St. Francis Basketball Parent Committee Booster Club Meeting Minutes Monday December 2nd, 2013 at 6:00 Location: St. Francis High School Commons

Attendees: Luanne Kane-Hogan, Wendy Ahlstrom, Carrie Scardigli, Cassie Calametti, Tracy Hewitt, Angie Hylen, Charlene Johnson Agenda Items 1. Program Update a. Tracy shared the latest version of the program with all that were present. The goal is to have it done mid-December. 2. Team Dinners a. Melissa Wald has organized all the team dinners for the season and will request help as needed. 3. Half Time Events a. Scott Benson will organize and run the half time events for all the boys home games. He will request help as needed. 4. Website Update a. Jeff Fink has given us contact information to have Basketball Booster tab on the fightingsaints.org website. This will allow us to post minutes and future meeting information. Once this access has been given to Tracy, she will share with anyone that wants to be able to update the website. 5. Other Items a. None at this time. Meeting Adjourned at 6:30 Next meeting to be held Dec. 16th 6pm in the Commons.